About Us

Driven by our involvement with the family winery in the south of France and our own “consumer” desire to find great wines at value for money prices, Ellen Bakke Mawdsley and Tristan Mawdsley established Vinique in 2009 as a specialist importer of new discovery wines into Switzerland.

 Vinique’s goal is to be recognised for the quality and uniqueness of their wine selection from areas of Europe that are under-represented in the Swiss market and also that they offer the best possible quality for the price.

 We spend many hundreds of hours and drive 1000's kms searching out the wine-makers that we believe all people want to find; that is making great value wines that have been truly hand crafted, not machine “manufactured”. These wines should really taste like they are worth it right along the price range and they should also have a great story behind them. In almost all cases the grapes are organically and biodynamically farmed as well. These small, family wineries tend to be overlooked by the big importers, even though they have great ratings and therefore almost all of them are unique to us here in Switzerland, so that combined with the quality, they give the experience of being a true discovery; something special.